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The Best Nutritional Program in Newtown Connecticut

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Beayoutiful health and wellness center is excited to introduce our medically supervised nutritional program. Humans desire good health longevity and vitality for an energizing fulfilling life. We believe nutrition education is a big component to achieve health goals which is why we are excited to introduce Rebekah Garner a nutritionist to start working with our Newtown, Connecticut community.

Throughout Rebekah‘s experience helping others, she’s identified two important components for a successful path to help patients achieve their goals whether it’s for losing weight, getting a medical condition under control or just wanting to live an overall healthier lifestyle.

First she assists patients in recognizing and meeting their physical needs of their bodies using nutrition science. Secondly supports clients in developing healthier relationships with food by using a mind-body connection approach where health and wellness are concerned. Addressing both of these aspects, Rebekah has already helped many to ignite their personal power for success, vitality and positive change for better overall health and wellness.

She has studied and practiced nutrition as a result of her own nutritional story and success, in combination with her passion to help others live healthy energized lives in the most natural and empowering ways. She has a bachelors degree in psychology and sociology, a Connecticut certification in education, a masters degree in human nutrition and is currently getting certified to become a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner.

Please call the office 203-408-2420 to schedule an appointment with Rebekah. These services are covered under most CT insurances. She will be starting the first week of April 2022.

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