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Summer’s over but the fun continues with BeaYOUtiful Parties

Summer might be over, but the fun doesn’t have to end! Get your friends together for your very own Botox party.

Our wellness center is now offering group treatments where guests have the option of socializing, or socializing while getting a treatment done - the best of both worlds! At our BeaYOUtiful Parties, attendees who want a treatment will get a consultation to discuss their personal needs. Treatments will then be done while friends are in the next room enjoying time away from the daily stresses. We literally transform our facility to make you and your party feel comfortable and at home.

Our neurotoxin treatments can be the subject of your next BeaYOUtiful Party. We’re sure you’re familiar with BOTOX® to temporarily eliminate or reduce unwanted lines and wrinkles. But it’s not all appearances. If you're suffering from chronic migraine, Temporomadibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) pain, teeth clenching, severe sweating, or acne, a BOTOX treatment may be the answer to your problems.

So, what’s better than getting BOTOX® treatment? Getting them with friends! Outside food and drinks are welcome. Contact us for a consultation and to plan your party.

*We also offer Xeomin® or Dysport® treatments.

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