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How to keep a healthy diet during the holidays

Eggnog. Gingerbread cookies. Stuffing. Pie. What haven’t you eaten this holiday season? Many worry about weight gain - but that shouldn’t be your #1 concern. Rather than stressing and aiming to lose weight, we encourage individuals to maintain their weight over the holidays, enjoying the present moment of being with close friends and family. Here are some tips on eating well this month.

Don’t starve yourself

We sometimes hear clients say they’ll fast during the week leading up to a big family dinner so they can indulge in all their favorite foods at once. We do not recommend this approach.

Sacrificing your lunch hour to leave more room for the holiday party later might seem like a logical way to cut calories. But this can lead to overeating later and potentially having cocktails on an empty stomach. Eat balanced throughout the day (and week), focusing on portions and servings, and continuing the practice of moderation at the party.

At BeaYOUtiful, we offer nutritional guidance. If you’re someone who needs help with a specific nutrition goal, or is interested in learning more about nutrition, then this service is right for you. Our approach is to educate you about nutrients and their functions, provide tools such as recipes, brand recommendations and meal plans catering to your health goals, and coach you through the implementation process into your personal food routine.

Don’t forget to snack

As you go about the frenzy process of holiday shopping and running a million errands, make sure to pPack a high-protein and/or fiber snack to lessen the risk of doing a quick stop for a fast food burger. Convenient and nutritious snack options include almonds, beef jerky, protein bars, string cheese, yogurt, and a small jug of chocolate milk.

Sleep well

Research shows individuals who do not achieve the recommended seven to nine hours each night puts themselves at risk for obesity. The hidden ways lack of sleep can lead to weight gain mostly relate to lower energy levels, hormone imbalances, and metabolism reductions.

Visit our website or call to ask about our basic nutrition service. It’s a great step toward educating and empowering yourself while establishing healthy habits.

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