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Nutritional Guidance

Balanced nutrition is a major factor in feeling your best. BeaYOUtiful Health and Wellness in Newtown, Connecticut, the team of clinicians and health coaches enthusiastically helps anyone who wants to make a positive change in their diet with nutritional guidance and supplementation. To get started on revitalizing your health and wellness, call us to book an appointment today.

BeaYOUtiful Health and Wellness Center, LLC. has added a Nutrition
Consultant to the practice. We want to introduce
Rebekah Garner, who has a M.S in
Nutrition and is also in the process of completing her Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
Certification. Rebekah brings a holistic nutrition approach by melding nutrition science,
functional nutrition psychology and health education to create customizable and
personal nutrition plans for optimal and sustainable results for all.

We believe it is important to integrate her expertise and services when the community
needs it the most. In order to keep you and Rebekah safe and to avoid potential
COVID-19 exposure, we are now offering online, virtual consultations and visits.


Nutrition Services

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Intuitive Eating Coaching

Nowadays we have unlimited access to a variety of information about nutrition and diet
strategies to maintain and or change our bodies. This can be very overwhelming and
frustrating for most, and can also disrupt a powerful tool we naturally possess, called
intuitive eating. Intuitive eating is the mind’s awareness of its connection to the body,
and the body’s signals and messaging about what it needs. This service educates about
intuitive eating and provides strategies to apply into your personal nutrition and food routine.


Throughout our lives we develop a food story which comes from our experiences with
food. This can create belief systems about food and certain ways of eating which
ultimately can affect our behaviors and decisions. Some of these behaviors can be
healthy, others unhealthy. This service is structured to help individuals who are in need
and interested in breaking down barriers with food habits they have, which may not be
serving them and their health.

Health Shake

The Basics

The Basics

If you’re someone who needs help with a specific nutrition goal, or is interested in
learning more about nutrition, then this service is right for you.

Our approach is to educate you about nutrients and their functions, provide tools such as recipes, brand recommendations and meal plans catering to your health goals, and coach you through the implementation process into your personal food routine.

The Basics nutrition service is a great step you can take to be
educated and empowered while establishing healthy habits.

Weight Loss

Are you looking for a personal and customized nutrition protocol and meal plan to lose
weight and stop the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting?

The Weight Loss nutrition service focuses on your weight loss goals and needs from the inside out. This is done by using a combination of macro-nutrition to shed weight, while using micro-nutrition to decrease inflammation and help your body reach a natural state of homeostasis. When you reach this point, you’ll be able to maintain weight loss without restrictive and unsustainable dieting!

Weight Loss

Immune Boost

Did you know that over 70% of our immune system
resides and modulates within our digestive track?

This is just one target area in the body we help clients restore and
optimize to boost and strengthen overall immune health.

Our approach is to coach up specific nutrition tools, strategies and whole foods recipes to support the immune system, while educating clients of foods, toxins and stressors that can compromise it. Whether you have an auto-immune disorder or looking to optimize your immune system for increased overall health, NutriMBC knows how to make this this plan work for you!

Immune Boost

Metabolic Nutrition

This plan is for you if have a specific health and
nutrition concern that you’ve been struggling with.

The metabolic nutrition approach eliminates trial and error by using
DNA, food sensitivity, and gut permeability testing to find the

perfect  and appropriate nutrition protocol for your body.

By identifying weak links in those areas, we can use them as healing opportunities to develop an optimal nutrition plan for you. When you give your body what it
wants and needs, it will give back!

Metabolic Nutrition


Schedule a FREE 15-min consultation
to determine your needs

Initial Consultation $175

60-min Follow up Session $90

30-min Follow up Session $50

Nutritional Packages

Package #1


more than 5% off

One initial consultation &
Three 1-hour follow up sessions

Package #2


more than 10% off

One initial consultation & 
Six 1-hour follow up sessions

Package #3


more than 15% off

One initial consultation & 
Nine 1-hour follow up sessions

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