Mariel Reid is an APRN which stands for Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. Known as a “mid-level provider” I am able to screen, evaluate, treat, monitor and follow patients just as any other provider.

As a nurse practitioner I thrive to protect my patients by preventing illness and disease and serve to provide them with the best medical care possible.



After years of working for different practices I realized that I wanted to open my own health and wellness practice. Nowadays, we have so many specialties which require patients to be seen by multiple providers on an individual basis.

This takes time and energy and increases the risk of stress and anxiety in addition to exposure to other illnesses by having to go to multiple offices.

I wanted to offer a destination where people could be treated for a variety of reasons under one roof. I also experienced many obstacles in regards to what I could or could not do to help my patients, because of financial boundaries or influences and other limitations. And I wanted to figure out a way to get around it!

Lastly, I have suffered from major illnesses myself and I always thought to myself, as a patient, how would I do things differently as a provider to make things easier, more efficient, and more effective in this situation. 

Nutritional Guidance

Do you want to optimize your body while using personalized nutrition for lasting effects without fad diets? Do you want a healthier body, to sleep better and feel great? Are you looking for additional or alternative support to address your nutrition and health goals?


Rebekah Garner, Nutrition Consultant

BeaYOUtiful Health and Wellness Center, LLC. has added a Nutrition
Consultant to the practice. We want to introduce
Rebekah Garner, who has a M.S in
Nutrition and is also in the process of completing her Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
Certification. Rebekah brings a holistic nutrition approach by melding nutrition science,
functional nutrition psychology and health education to create customizable and
personal nutrition plans for optimal and sustainable results for all.

We believe it is important to integrate her expertise and services when the community
needs it the most. In order to keep you and Rebekah safe and to avoid potential
COVID-19 exposure, we are now offering online, virtual consultations and visits.

Humans desire good health, longevity, and vitality for an energized and fulfilling life.
Throughout Rebekah’s experience helping others, she’s identified two important
components for a successful path to achieving these goals.

First, assist clients in recognizing and meeting the physical needs of their bodies using functional testing and nutrition science. Then support clients in developing healthier relationships with food by recognizing the mind-body connection where health and wellness are concerned. Addressing both of these aspects, Rebekah has already helped many to ignite their personal power for success, vitality and positive change for better health and wellness.

She’s studied and practices nutrition as a result of her own nutrition story and success,
in combination with her passion and help others live healthy and energized lives in the
most natural and empowering ways. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and
Sociology, a Connecticut Certification in Education, a Master’s Degree in Human
Nutrition and is currently getting certified to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.

She utilizes this expertise to counsel individuals, families, and communities about the
process of attaining healthy bodies using nutrition science-based research and
educates how to practically implement it into personal daily routines. In her time working
with people of all ages who’ve struggled with health and nutrition, she’s created a
nutrition curriculum specifically for children, along with a mind-body nutrition program for
clients to have more wholesome and sustainable results.

Passionate about the complex mechanizations of the human body and mind, she’s
inter-mingled the foundations of psychology, food science and functional nutrition to
develop unique services that cater to specific health goals, but not limited to weight loss,
metabolic typing and balancing, and mind-body coaching.